Anonymous asked:

Hi, I have medical clinical for 3 weeks soon. My lecturer said I need to improve in my communication skills as I am generally a really shy and quiet person, but I really do enjoy nursing.. I will talk but not one of those bubbly nurses lol. Any advice you have for me? :)

Be yourself! Being yourself is a way to be genuine. If you really enjoy nursing, you’ll be able to sit and communicate with patients. I, myself, am one of “thoooose” bubbly nurses, that brings in the sunshine (literally. i pull all the blinds up and sing good morning to them, even the cranky patients). Some patients love it, and others hate it. As long as it shows that you are compassionate, you’ll do well. 

One thing I hate that nursing students do is look down at their clipboard and run over their list of questions like it’s a survey. Don’t do that. Put the clipboard down, look them in the eyes and just talk to them. Most times, you’ll be able to answer all your questions in just a convo. Such as, ask them how their breakfast was, if they have any pain, how did they sleep, etc. Keep your eyes peeled to do an assessment just as your talking. Check out the skin, any bruises, open areas, any swelling, IVs, fluids/meds running, O2 tubing, watch their respiration as their talking (do they get winded?), assess the surrounds for safety, etc. 

With more practice talking to others, you’ll get the hang of it soon. Good luck to you!

Anonymous asked:

I guess they are looked down upon because nursing is a job where you really have to sit and be emotional with the patient or what not, maybe because guys don't really show their softer side or actually enjoy getting dirty or hands full.. But I also guess it's not all guys are the same Lol & yes too much gossiping ladies is sometimes tiring.

Not all guys are the same and not all nurses are the same. :) We are all unique in one way or another, which is why it’s wonderful that we work in a team so that we can show our strengths, and acknowledge our weaknesses and be able to ask for help. 

Anonymous asked:

idk why men are looked down upon in nursing! They are efficient, strong, and most of the nurses I've been in contact with are gorgeous..How are the male nurses seen as in the med field?

I love male nurses! I have had the pleasure of knowing and working alongside some wonderful male nurses. On the unit I work on currently, there is a nice mixture of males and females, which is a nice change from what I was used to. Too much estrogen in one place is scary sometimes!

I don’t think male nurses are looked down upon in nursing at all. They are (in my opinion) just as supported as females. I do know sometimes male nurses are refused by patients, they are usually 90 year old, cute little modest ladies that just prefer to have a female nurse! I’ve had it go the other way on me too, where a young male prefers to have another male take care of them, if they are shy. Other than that, I don’t believe there is a problem out there.

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I have one more year until I apply for nursing school and while my grades are relatively average, I have absolutely no medical experience. I chose nursing in my first semester of college, so I was late to volunteer in high school. Just getting volunteer hours is difficult, not to mention a medical job due to my all day schedule for classes. I'm stuck working in as a waitress. How can I put my foot in the door of the medical field?

Great question! Try to talk to some of your classmates that may be working somewhere already: doctor’s office, hospital, nursing home. Ask them if there are any positions available or if there are volunteering positions. When you go for a yearly physical, ask your doctor if they have a need for any extra help in the office part time, or if they know anyone in need of an extra hand. Networking is a great way to find out about great opportunities! Don’t be disheartened if at first you can’t find any oppurtunities - just keep talking to people and trying to be a volunteer at a hospital gift shop. Or try calling a hospice organization - they may need someone to go sit with patient’s and hold their hand. Good luck to you!

Anonymous asked:

i am in my second of five levels of nursing school and my program makes it soo difficult to progress. i go to a private university and thinking that as much as i want to be a nurse in the future that all this "bs" they put me through really isn't worth it.

i’m sorry that you’re having a difficult time in school. Nursing is a very rewarding career and I believe it’s definitely worth it (I am a bit biased though.) There have been many students in your program that I am sure have completed it and loved it! Just keep your head up and fight through. Write down a list of why you started nursing school in the first place. Keep that list nearby as you continue on your journey through nursing school. Surround yourself with people who are motivated, it is sure to rub off on you. Good luck!