Anonymous asked:

Im debating on taking my anatomy class for a 3rd time to get an A but part of me thinks its a waste of money. The first time i got a b- second a b+ but im not sure it will be good enough for the nursing program im applying for. Im between that and taking chem and organic chem for another program. Any ideas? Ive been waiting a year to get in this program so im kind of giving up. Maybe im not set out to be a nurse :/

Not everyone gets an A in anatomy and they turn out just fine as nurses! That is not a clear indication whether or not you are set out to be a nurse - the deciding factor is how bad do YOU want to be a nurse.

I would talk to the director of the program regarding those grades and get direct information if those grades are good enough for the program. You may be surprised by the answer. Good luck!

teahaych asked:

Hi! I'm just looking on some advice for nursing school, maybe some pros and cons of being a nurse too? I am in the last few weeks of my AIN degree at the moment (I am from Australia and an AIN is the same as a CNA - I think!) I am loving every minute of it, and I find it all fairly straightforward and easy to learn, however I am abit nervous about how much harder it's going to be at Univeristy. I start my bachelor of nursing next year to become an RN. Any information will help :) Thanks!!

Good luck on getting accepted into RN school, and great job becoming an AIN/CNA! That will certainly help you in the long run. I worked as a CNA prior to becoming a nurse also. It helped me decide if I liked working in the health field in general, and it also helps with communication skills, prioritization skills, etc.


  • being a nurse automatically makes you an awesome person (i am biased..)
  • You have the ability to change people’s life in your career by providing them care
  • You are a great support system for patients and their families
  • You can show your caring and compassionate personality
  • You can work alongside some amazing people who care about others just like you do
  • You have the ability to advance in your career
  • You have the choice to do many different paths - pediatrics, maternity, adults, elderly. You can work in a doctor’s office, hospital, community center. You can be a nurse educator, manager, home health nurse. There are so many different choices that you don’t have to stay in one place in nursing.


  • Because of all the love and support you pass on to your patients, you can get burned out easily
  • While there are many patients who will love and appreciate your efforts, there will be patients that you cannot make happy and will never appreciate your work. Those will be the patients that emotionally drain you, because those are the ones you usually try even harder for.
  • Crazy work hours. You may have to rotate shifts, work weekends, holidays, long shifts.

Nursing is a beautiful career and you have to want to take the good with the bad. I won’t be able to tell you all the pros and cons. Decide on some of them yourself as you work at an AIN. You’ll be able to observe it in person and for yourself. Good luck in your future! (: